PNR Status Indian Railway Passenger Reservation System

Welcome to Indian Railway Passenger reservation system for Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Enquiry Passenger Current Status like PNR Status - Indian Railway PNR Status - irctc PNR Status, Indian railway PNR Status enquiry for this PNR status Enter the PNR number for your booking Number to get the current status of Passenger Name Records. You will find PNR Number on the top left corner of the ticket.

Symbol Description
CAN / MOD Cancelled or Modified Passenger
CNF / Confirmed Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will be available after chart preparation)
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation
WL # Waiting List Number
RLWL Remote Location Wait List
GNWL General Wait List
PQWL Pooled Quota Wait List
REGRET/WL No More Booking Permitted
RELEASED Ticket Not Cancelled but Alternative Accommodation Provided
R# # RAC Coach Number Berth Number
WEBCAN Railway Counter Ticket Passanger cancelled through internet and Refund not collected
WEBCANRF Railway Counter Ticket Passanger cancelled through internet and Refund collected

The RAC/WL tickets will have two numbers - WL20/W15, WL12/RAC10 etc. The first number shows the ticket status when you first purchased it, and the second number shows the current position. So WL20/W15 means that when you purchased the ticket you were on wait list 20, and there were 5 cancellations and so your current wait list status has improved to 15.

As per me, this is probably most convenient method among all. All you have to do is enter your ten digit pnr number in the empty box present over the top of homepage and click on the Get PNR Status” button. On doing so, within few moment your current reservation status will appear on your computer screen. Passengers from multiple Railway zones incorporating Central, Western, Southern, and Northern can check the status of their reserved ticket with the help of this intuitive interface.

Recently IRCTC released lite version of the website which is the most recent addition to the website's domain. The obvious reason behind this is huge traffic volume during tatkal registration period, pages on IRCTC takes several minutes to load. New infrastructure improves the loading speed significantly by removing unnecessary links, images, banner advertisements, e.t.c.

PNR Status Enquiry is a key before boarding the train. Since, if your seat is still in the W/L after the preparation of boarding chart then you will be not be permitted to board the train. You're reserving status should either be affirmed or set in the RAC list (Reservation against cancellation).Generally, Indian Railways Train Reservation outlines are readied around 4 hours before the initiation of excursion at the source station.

The ticket confirmation of IRCTC Passenger Name Record (PNR) can also be checked by SMS, call support or email. This facility is only provided to those, who give their valid phone number and email id. The whole detail information is given along with the coach number, birth number. Ones the confirmation is done for the ticket, passenger get confirmation message on his or her registered mobile number. Here is the way how to check PNR Status by SMS. This is one of an offline PNR status checking.

Checking the status of the flight is now getting easy for users because of internet facility The time we book the airtickets, we get a PNR number. “PNR Means Passenger Name Record. This is a sort of id number on your ticket and this helps us knowing the latest status of flight. It could be passenger or a group of passengers Who are travelling via airlines.”

Whether you have noticed or not but I did that the texting is progressively turning into a cheap and dependable medium of communication. Within my friend circle, I know few who prefer to talk via SMS rather than calling. Due to considerably rise in the use of SMS, the Indian railways decided to provide the convenience of PNR enquiry via text messaging. To enjoy the service, simply make use of your cell phone to know the ongoing status of your ticket by sending a simple text message.

Many passengers keep on searching for the Indian Railways PNR Status, for their reserved tickets. Also, they keep on searching for toll-free numbers (If available) from where they can extract the information related to passenger information or arrival and departure of destined train. IRCTC ( Indian railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) is a subsidiary of Indian Railways. The organization provides several alternatives to obtain the Indian Railways PNR Status.

IRCTC is the only portal that provides facilities of Tatkal bookings / reservations. In the tatkal quota, booking of tickets are opened, 2 days prior to the journey date. This facility enables users to have a good chance to get a last minute train reservation for their journey and not only that you don't have to leave IRCTC website if you don't want to book your train via IRCTC as you can even book your ticket via flight from the same IRCTC website. Apart from booking tickets, users can view Seat Availability, check PNR Status and Railway train schedule, train enquiry & can also calculate fare for any specific train or class.

Whenever you book a train ticket online, a 10-digit PNR will be allotted to you by the IRCTC , note down that PNR Number and if your ticket is in waiting list then you should surely note it down because you need to keep checking if your ticket got confirmed or not? Users can type in your PNR number in text box on India Railway main website and click on submit button provided below. Just in a second, you would get IRCTC PNR status details from servers and it will be clear whether your ticket is confirmed or not. Those who wants to keep the print out of their PNR Details they can take a print out.

Tickets with WL or Wait List status are not guaranteed any berth or sitting accommodation. They will be accommodated only if sufficient confirmed or RAC ticket holders cancel their reservation. The number of WL tickets are determined by railway officials, and once a maximum number of wait listed tickets have reached, the ticketing system refuses any more requests and responds with REGRET status. You cannot purchase a ticket with REGRET status.

RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation and it means that you don't have a reserved berth, but you have sitting accommodation in the train and class of your choice. There is a possibility this will be converted to a berth when it becomes available due to last minute cancellations closer to travel date. RAC ticket holders can board the train and are seated in the two side chairs. If a berth is available due to cancellation, then one RAC holder will get the berth, and the other RAC holder can convert the two side chairs into a berth.

IRCTC Also Known As Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation It is that department which Controls and manages the tourism, online ticketing operations and catering of the railways is leading e-commerce site of India. It is used to do Ticket Reservations or Ticket Bookings , Booking Trips or Tour packages ,Book food to served on your seat while you are in the train of Indian Railways.

Rajdhani Express: These are completely aerated and cooled prepares and associates significant urban areas of India. They are high need trains and for the most part keeps running on their booked time. They have not very many stoppage in the middle of their course. Seat reservation office is accessible in these trains. One can check Rajdhani Express pnr status on this site.

When traveling by Indian railway in India you'll eventually end up within the situation of getting train ticket on wait-list. This really is very common and also to know whether your ticket is confirmed or otherwise you have to look at your current PNR status. It can be done online easily. To know your train ticket present position on wait-list from the IRCTC booking system only use our form presented on the top of the page.

As far as I have seen, online method is simplest of all the methods. All you need to do is, enter your allotted ticket PNR Number in the box given at the top of this web page and press the Get PNR Status” button. The moment you press the button, your current booking status will appear on the screen of your corresponding device. Passengers from several zones whether it's Southern, Northern, And Central or any other Railway zone can get to know the current status of their reservations using this instinctive interface.

One who wants to make change in itinerary also required in need to check the spicejetPNR status. One just needs to log into the website to make any changes and submit all required details for the purpose of verification. One can make use of the customer care number 0987 180 3333 or the toll free number 1800 180 3333 for spice jet PNR status or making last minute calls.

You might come across a few more terms like RAC, GNWL, and Released - An IRCTC pnr status check which shows RAC means that the passenger has to travel on a shared berth and does not have a reserved berth. If only there are any cancellations by other passengers, the passenger would be entitled to a reserved berth. GNWL refers to general waiting list number which means only in case of cancellations the passenger stands to get a confirmed ticket. Released means your ticket is non-confirmed and comes with an offer of an alternate option for the passenger.

In addition to the above fares of Indigo airlines User Development Fee UDF, Passenger Service Fee PSF, Development Fee DF & Service Tax as applicable, it will be charged at different airports, and will be exited at the time of booking. Round Trip or One Way charges which are obtainable for acquiring are only on a round trip bookings. Fares are subject to change without any earlier notice.

The railway system is one of the largest among all systems for public transport. Every day lakhs of people book their seats. But due to limitation of seats, it cannot give a confirmed ticket to everyone. There is lots of waiting passengers and chance of passenger's ticket to be confirmed, goes into queue. However ticket is given to passenger without confirmation of ticket. At this time PNR number comes to be useful. Passenger can check his confirmation status by PNR number before the journey date. If the waiting passengers are less then there is a chance that ticket gets confirm.

The main problem that people face while booking tickets for train journeys is confirmation. Often, the ticket is not confirmed or stuck in the waiting list. There is no point waiting at the railways station, and then, realizing that there is no seat for you and the train is over-booked. The immediate thought is not whether we will get out money back, but of how we could save time if we would have known about it beforehand. In order to avoid such inconveniences, PNR status check should be done. This facility has been initiated by the Indian Railways, where people can check the status of their tickets via the internet and avoid any harassment later.

One way to do this is to call the Indian Railways' toll free number (139) and ask them about it. The problem with this method is that you will almost always find this number busy. But these days, almost everyone carries a Smartphone with internet access. You can do almost anything using a phone, like checking Facebook, twitter, shopping or use a free ads site You can even check PNR status via mobile phones. This is the fastest and most reliable method to check the PNR status of your ticket.

Fare details are of restrictions that may apply to the ticket. The form of payment used, as this will usually restrict any refund of the ticket is not used. For further details contact with its organization phone number and address, additional phone contact with passenger address and planned destination. Age details if it is applicable to the travel e.g. singlehanded children or elderly passengers requiring help. Regular flyer data. Special service requests such as meal necessities, wheelchairs, seating preference, and other similar desires.

However, despite the great plan and other well executed actions, the official websites of the IRCTC often experience problems and lags, especially during peak hours. Although the company has done their best to prevent such problems - they continue to improve their ability to overcome the busy web traffic - people still experience lag whenever they visit the sites. It seems that the current servers aren't enough, although they have been using about 58 iridium servers - along with 10 additional ones that are usually operated during rush hours.

Checking PNR status through mobile also works like a charm! All you have to do is submit your 10-digit PNR number to 139 or 5676747 and make sure you do not write any additional text and there you go! You would be updated about your status through just a simple text message. This cool feature by Indian Railways is one of the easiest and simple ways to know your exact booking status.

The provision for specifying ID proof at the time of booking a Tatkal e-ticket has been started from 21-11-2011. For booking Tatkal e-tickets, each of the passengers (mandatory for at least one passenger) can enter his/her ID proof type and number against his/her name in reservation form, which is to be used for travel. These details will be printed on the ERS/VRM as well as in the reservation chart.

Rural Websites: They run just in couple of huge Indian urban areas like Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. These are additionally case of trains for which situate reservation is unrealistic and thus one cannot get pnr status for tickets. These are further partitioned into moderate local people and quick local people. Moderate local people end on each station while the quick ones stop just on primary vital stations.

Indian Railway PNR Status

Check PNR status of reservations all zones like Southern Railway PNR status, Northern Railway PNR status, Western Railway PNR status, Eastern Railway PNR status, Central Railway PNR status, South Central Railway PNR status, and so on of all other PNR status. To avail the affordable tickets of flights, you can now take the option of yatra flight booking facility available online. Your journey and the timing of the flight booked can also tracked with the help of PNR number. If you click on Live Tracking, the app loads the map, and displays the current position of the train, highlighting stations along the route.

The rules to check your Indigo flight status PNR are very simple and straight mentioned on the booking page of the website. Get real time PNR status for booking done by you at Vistara Airlines with the help of Air Vistara PNR check. Online: Type the PNR number mentioned on the ticket in the ‘Enter PNR Number' box above and then click on the ‘Get PNR Status' button.

For instance, suppose the train starts from Chennai and its final stop is New Delhi, but you want to board the train at Hyderabad and detrain at Bhopal, you will have to book a ticket for the entire length of the journey of the train and not of your journey. Just send an SMS on 57886 through your mobile phone now to get any information on Railways. If you dont have an active internet connection, you can still check the status of your ticket by sending an sms as PNR pnr number to 139 or 57886. Always double check if you were on a WL or RAC ticket before boarding the train.

Checking the Ticket Status is simple however ordinarily individuals got stayed on the grounds that they don't comprehend the importance of it. There is a liberal bundle of individuals who take out the report of PNR number yet neglect to comprehend what does that page is attempting to let them know. To know about the train PNR status, one can go online, check it through mobile or even see it on their ticket itself.

Below, I am going to illustrate few best suited methods that will help you to get to know the ongoing status of your ticket. The first number shows the ticket status when you first purchased it, and the second number shows the current position. From this PNR number passenger can check his or her confirmation details about the ticket. There are some strategies through one can check his/her PNR Status inside a couple of minutes, for instance: you can check your PNR Status online or basically with a quick message.

WL: Waiting list is abbreviated as WL. This status means you don't have any confirm berth or sitting arrangement. For eaxample if you are interested in getting a PNR status update at regular intervals use the number 7245. With the availability of huge lists of yatra flight tickets, knowing the flight timings is difficult. It's just not you, but many people don't relate to the reports generated by passenger name record Status page.

You are not allowed to board on the train with the ticket having GNWL status; until the status turns into the CNF. As mentioned above, for the PNR status and seat availability queries, the result is fetched from computerized booking applications at the five websites.

On January 16, 2004, the Article 29 Working Party released their Opinion 1/2004 (WP85) on the level of PNR protection ensured in Australia for the transmission of Passenger Name Record data from airlines. Eg. if train is to depart from originating station on 2nd January, Tatkal Booking will Commence at 8.00 AM on 1st January. Tourists and travelers are quite happy with the services railways come up. Board on a train to Bangalore or any other place and see for yourself. We use to check seat availability, train ARRIVAL/DEPATURE enquiry, seat availability, fare enquiry and train ticket reservation.

Through your unique PNR number you can get to know all your travel related queries and get all the required information. These cancellations can get you on the train if you bought an RAC or WL ticket. The PNR number is printed on the top left corner of the ticket if you have a printed, paper ticket with you. With a PNR Number you can follow up with the Current Status of your reservation and check whether it is confirmed or not. Author is an expert and experienced writer in online industryHad written many articles on yatra flight and yatra daily offers.

Another way to check the status of PNR is to through your cellular phone or landline. Just enter the pnr number in the above text box and then click on the Get Status button. Lawmakers have resisted endorsing the system, known as the Passenger Name Record (PNR), on the grounds it could infringe people's privacy. Like various other apps, you will also find apps that let you check reservation Status from your Smartphone only. I could do the same from the Expedia website, which showed me the required flight details with discounts. Note: the correct format of the sms text is ‘9876543210' (sample number - use your unique PNR number).

Through PNR all information related to Ticket Booking status, Current Status, Coach number, Train Number, List of passanger etc is available.

While the minimum data for completing a booking is quite small, a PNR will typically contain much more information of a sensitive nature. PNR STATUS verification made easy through our website via mobile calling & sms & website also. Passengers from multiple Railway zones incorporating Central, Western, Southern, and Northern can check the status of their reserved ticket with the help of this intuitive interface. No longer need now to stand in long queues waiting to book train tickets when rail reservation is possible online.

Indigo airlines online services are faster and easy that clarifies any doubts regarding to the travel or PNR status. Sometimes passengers get confused about two numbers showing in ticket status like WL18/W15, WL14/RAC8. The passenger receives a reservation message just after booking their ticket with the full details of the ticket including PNR (Passenger Name Record), Train number, date of journey and class. Live train Status: Track your train with the live train status feature of the web.

People are always mostly searching for the helping websites, toll-free numbers which providing help to them in regards to Indian Railways PNR Status Enquiry, and they can confirm their tickets and reservations in for the train. The PNR numbers are identification of the passengers who for travelling through airlines. Now we provide an additional feature for Indian Railway travellers, a unique and personalized option to check the PNR status. When traveling by train in India, you may find that your train ticket is on a waitlist.

Hawaiian also intends to resume regularly scheduled service on Tuesday afternoon with its flight departing Honolulu, weather permitting. Users can make use of this service to get free alerts on timely basis to get to know what is the status of railway reservation. We at Check PNRStatus IRCTC believe that Indian Residents should check their ticket's pnr status hassle free with our IRCTC PNR Status website online quickly! Yatra flight always assures you to get the best prices of yatra flight tickets.

You can check passenger reservation status of your ticket or IRCTC pnr status through mobile by sending SMS to any of these numbers. When you show the PNR Number to T.C. (Ticket Collector), he will match it with his railway chart; if it does then he will allow you to sit. When all the seats of train are booked then system release RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) , when all the RAC Quota is exhausted WL i.e. Wait list tickets are generated. Though the old network of PNR trips serve vintage facilities, this time PNR serves its passengers with more comfort and convenience.

In. All these features are specifically designed to ease train travel and let users experience a hassle-free experience. Officials also said five per cent passengers send wrong SMS, which is about 10,000 wrong SMS per day and most of the SMS senders do not know how to write SMS using the proper syntax for getting the information. After clicking on Check PNR button they will get the complete details of their concerned Train Ticket.

Passengers can check the status of reservations on the various zones like Northern Railway, Central Railway, Southern Railway etc using this interface. You can check reservation status of your ticket through mobile by sending SMS to any of these mobile numbers. Below, i have illustrated the 4 numbers through which you can check your IRCTC PNR status. This page will have a blank field, where you will be required to fill in your PNR number. Enquiry Counter at Railway Stations : You can also get the PNR status from Railway booking counters. You need to create a message in your mobile with PNR 1234567890 and sent it to 139.

The PNR status will show the passenger whether the tickets has been confirmed yet or not. Traditionally, the IR started train service in august 1853 with its first passenger train from Bombay to the nearby town of Thane (34 km). Various tickets might be busy together for the same prepare and adventure with a solitary PNR. Through mobile via sms or simply online, today you can easily check your indian railway irctc PNR status. Reserved tickets are not available and hence unique pnr number generation is not done for tickets.

Now, in case you don't have internet plans activated on your PC or on your mobile, you check your IRCTC PNR Status Offline without any worry. As well as besides this all if you're really owning your PC on, internet enabled in it, then to check on your PNR Status on-line, point your browser to , or official railway website. One can possibly also open PNR Status Blog in his mobile cell phone browser and check PNR Status in really easy way. The PNR status is also possible by sending SMS to either 5888 or 57886 or 5676747.

As well, the flight connect many key sectors, including New Delhi/ Chennai/ New Delhi, Mumbai/ Ahmedabad/ Mumbai, New Delhi/ Hyderabad/ New Delhi, Mumbai/ Chennai/ Mumbai, Kolkatta/ Delhi/ Kolkatta, New Delhi/ Goa/ New Delhi and many more. And in case a passenger books the ticket from a ticket window, he will get the PNR number here also at the left corner of ticket. By dialling 139, you can check PNR status Arrival time of trains, departure time of trains and seat availability also. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record, which can be checked through above mentioned ways. Food in Train: The web portal also provides the benefit of booking food through web.

While travelling in Indian Railways, passengers can choose to make a booking up to 120 days ahead of the journey date, and on every ticket, there is a 10 digit PNR number issued that serves as a reference point for all future queries. If you have received a waiting list ticket, the status of the ticket keeps changing till the final chart preparation is done.

After preparation of charts, a few bookings in the waiting list or in the RAC list might be allotted with confirmed status. If you have cancelled your ticket through the travel agent or via the Indian railways site, the next moment you enquire about the ticket, you will find the status to be this. Duranto Express: These are source to destination train service started recently by Indian Railway. You may check that whether any seat is available in any particular train on a date.

PNR allows each passenger to access the relevant information regarding his/her departure and return flights,connecting flights (if any), or any other special services needed on boarding the flight, etc. Login into Your IRCTC account > Click on Booked Ticket History> Choose the Booking > Click on Get PNR> you will get your PNR status. Nowadays, you are no longer need to stand in long queues in ticket counter of Indian railways to fetch train tickets. Current PNR status can be checked any time after ticket booking to know PNR status.

Pnr Status Enquiry Live

One of the easiest ways to check on the PNR status of railway ticket is to login to the PNR status check websites (and there are several) wherein it will prompt you to enter the 10 digit PNR number, once you hit the Get PNR Status” button, the system will generate the information about the PNR ticket which include the confirmation, modification or cancellation of the booking.

Choose from our menu comprising multiple cuisines and make your train journeys special and pleasant by getting best food delivered at your seats. Author is an expert and experienced writer in online industryHad written many articles on IRCTC and pnr status enquiry. Other areas in Sydney that is best to live in are the Rocks that is located west of Circular Quay.

Where to find PNR number on ticket: PNR number is generally printed at the top left corner of the printed tickets (tickets that are taken from railway station booking window). But in case if you purchase your ticket online, then the display of your PNR number on the ticket is completely different. The airline is competing with India's other leading low-cost carriers, including SpiceJet, IndiGo and GoAir.

Delta Air Lines is offering customers whose flight plans may be affected by impact from Hurricane Sandy the ability to make one-time changes to their travel schedules, Oct. Check Directly Your Check Your PNR Status Enquiry Using Following Link, You Just Need To fill your 10 digit PNR Number, which is printed on the top left corner of the ticket. You can save upcoming trips by entering your PNR number in the My Trips section of the app. As we know every train has limited number of seats, sometime one may not get a confirmed reserved ticket.

People use keywords such as these to find our app - PNR status and train info, Indian railways PNR enquiry, PNR & Indian Rail Enquiry, PNR status info. In order to check PNR-status on mobile through SMS using free service, SMS your 10-digit PNR number to 9773300000 or kindly use below WebApp in your mobile to receive pnr status as SMS. I've never yet been on the train without at least three or four impromptu cigarette stops - for the train staff! Online is the best way and easiest way to check PNR status online but if you don't have internet availability then its bit hard to get your status. You can sort the trains on the basis of the travel time of the train (travel duration).

Below, I am going to demonstrate few most suitable methods that will assist you in order to know your current reservation status. In the context of Indian Railways or IRCTC, it is an automatic generated unique 10 digit number that is associated with a particular train ticket. All you have to do is submit your 10-digit PNR number to 139 or 5676747 and make sure you do not write any additional text and there you go!

CKWL (Tatkal Waiting List): If you are booking your ticket under tatkal quota, you get CKWL status when tickets are unreserved. CKWL: This status stands for any ticket which is in waiting list under the tatkal booking. You can check the PNR Status of your reservation by entering the unique 10 digit number linked to your booking and clicking on ‘Get PNR Status' (no hyphen ‘-' required in typing the number).

In case you find this status appearing on enquiry, you have a confirmed seat to travel. Like several other apps, you'll also find apps that allow you to examine reservation Status through your Smartphone only. Long term Use the JSON to find the expiry date of each PNR and delete PNR from system after the travel date. The most convenient ways of getting PNR status of indigo airlines can be done through dialing (0) 9910383838 and providing the required passenger details.

Basically utilize your cell telephone to get to know the PNR status through a straightforward message. It is a stretch to expect younger people in this superficial culture to live under any restraints. On doing so, within few moment your current reservation status will appear on your computer screen. Here is a speedy take at straightforward methods for knowing the present status of a PNR.

If you are browsing this page from an Android phone or Android tablet, use below link to send SMS and get your pnr status on mobile phone. The one you are on is one such, and as you would have noticed is simple to use, mobile friendly, and maintains history of your PNR checks. Demand performing it, you may also contact 139 and abide by Interactive Voice Response from Indian railway to listen your PNR Status.

Once, you get the details, you will be able to Print those PNR status details, using a printer attached with your PC and then you take that printed paper with your ticket details with you in your journey. Time-Table: Enter the details of the train and get to know all about the train and its details with the Time-table feature of the web portal. The process of knowing the status of the ticket has become simple but still few people struggle a lot to know the details of it. Some abbreviations elaborated below will help you to understand status of your ticket.

It will take only a few seconds to load all the details of your PNR status right from the database/servers of and you will get to know, whether you ticket is confirmed or still pending. This database details also include important information about the passenger's current reservation status which continuously get updated with every cancellation if ticket is unreserved. This is typically one of the large Global Distribution Systems, such as Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan or Galileo, but if the booking is made directly with an airline the PNR can also be in the database of the airline's CRS. Go online and take affordable fares of yatra flight without taking any effort now!

Indian Railways introduced PNR Number system to help the passengers to find out whether his/her railway ticket is confirmed or not and what is the current status. You might come across a few more terms like RAC, GNWL, and Released - An IRCTC pnr status check which shows RAC means that the passenger has to travel on a shared berth and does not have a reserved berth.

In this websites you just need to enter your ten digit pnr number and press check PNR Status. For checking your PNR Status - Simply Enter Your PNR Number and Captcha code on above ‘Text Box' and click on Go Button. If you live in other cities and want to go on a dhaba tour in Amritsar, check for the flight schedules and trains, like the train no. 15212 running status , which runs frequently to and from the city. Train between Stations: Get to know about all the trains that are running to and fro from your stations. For those who want to know about their train PNR status, it can be done with the help of the ticket that is purchased.

Examining the booking status of the flight isn't a brain surgery, it's really simple. Held tickets are not accessible and consequently special pnr number era is not accomplished for tickets. To know the best offers of indigo airlines the passengers must visit the indigo airline website and get the cost details according to the data released by Indian flying department India. However, it will cost you a local SMS in Maharastra and a national SMS outside Maharastra.

It's not perfect, but the RailYatri Indian Rail IRCTC & PNR Status app is a one stop shop that meets many different Indian Railways-related travel needs, so we think you should install it. Check seat availability Train to Mumbai to get confirmed IRCTC Train Tickets online for all railway stations. Despite that, we loved the live tracking feature of the train, which saved a lot of time during a trip to pick up a relative from the railway station, whose train was running late. Passenger Name Record (PNR) is the travel record used by airline and travel agency databases.

There is an amazing PNR Status Inquiry app which you can use to find your status in just a few clicks! This is a service provided by Google and you can check your PNR status by sending your PNR number to 9773300000. After booking ticket, E-ticket or I- ticket itinerary (Ticket) will show confirmed status. Shalimar Express: Train number: 14645 and 14646 Runs between: Delhi and Jammu Tawi Total Distance Covered: 640 KM. PNR number here> via SMS or simply dial 139 from your phone and follow the instructions and get the current PNR status. Spicejet PNR Status also comes along with booking charges and options of services for best travel decision making before booking.

A part from this booking of flights, information about Jet Airways, Indigo Airlines. Jet konnect airways operates daily flights to tier-2 cities, including Ahmadabad, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Bhavnagar, Delhi, Jodhpur, Kochi, Madurai, Mangalore, Pune, Udaipur and Vadodara. To make a booking for a stretcher request, please inform us no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of departure of the flight.

This facility enables users to have a good chance to get a last minute train reservation for their journey and not only that you don't have to leave IRCTC website if you don't want to book your train via IRCTC as you can even book your ticket via flight from the same IRCTC website. Following are four numbers that can be used to send SMS to know the latest update of your PNR status. If your train is ready for departure and its reservation chart is finalized, the cost of your WL ticket will be automatically refunded to your bank account.

The red circled number is the PNR number which you can find it on top left conrner of your indian railways train ticket. As for train services, it's been categorized into four broad classes depending upon the train speed. You can download any application on your android enabled smart phone or to I-phone to check PNR status. All you have to do is enter your ten digit pnr number in the empty box present over the top of homepage and click on the Get PNR Status” button. PNR status: Check your PNR status and get to know about the chances of getting a confirmed ticket from your Waitlisted ticket.

The list has the train name and number, and if you tap on a train, can also see information like the estimated time of arrival for a train, view its timetable, see which trains are nearby, or follow its progress live. A PNR status is widely used term in the travel industry including railways and airlines industry. Spicejet also offers the passengers with add-on meals and other special services during the flight which makes it a comfortable satisfying air travel service provider. If you're delayed more than three hours and you've paid for your flight on a card that includes flight delay insurance, you're in luck.

To give you an example of what I mean here, suppose your PNR number is 4523115127 and you wish to use the first method written above. Number linked to each railway booking / train ticket done either online or offline. Depending upon when a train ticket is booked, the reservation status can have many values. Spicejet is one of the most predominant services unlike any airlines operating in India they offer best PNR status check on their website.

The network of spice jet is spreading all over India including some major cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Jammu, Hyderabad, Mumbai Srinagar and Pune. They also enable you to make railway reservation after searching your train from the railway timetable. Which is very easy and simple available through online on the spice jet airline website. Jet Konnect Airways is one of the best full privatized airlines operated by Jet Air. You login to IRCTC by entering your user name and password on the home page of When log on to IRCTC user-friendly website, you are able to check IRCTC PNR Status.

Some of the popular words for PNR status are pnr irctc status ,pnr status in irctc,pnr status for irctc,irctc pnr status,pnr status irctc,pnr indian railway. RailYatri's Indian Rail IRCTC & PNR Status app also shows the list of all delayed trains, sorted by the number of hours the train is delayed. IST Please fill your 10 digit PNR Number, which is printed on the top left corner of the ticket.

Another simple and easy way to check Indian Railways PNR status on your mobile is by using your GPRS enabled phone. You can dial 139 any here in India to get the current PNR status of the ticket, along with a a host of other train related enquiries. Check seat availability Train to Bangalore to get confirmed IRCTC Train Tickets online for all railway stations. Once the booking has been completed to this level, the CRS will issue a unique all alpha or alpha-numeric record locator, which will remain the same regardless of any further changes made (except if a multi-person PNR is split). It is a kind of a struggle to have the PNR status enquiry by waiting in long queues.

Whenever you book a ticket , a request goes to the CRS and immediately travel agent (A virtual person) generates a PNR with valid Status of your booked ticket. With Air Vistara PNR it facility the passenger to check the flight status online for the flights booked by them on Vistara Airlines. Checking the status of Spicejet PNR Status is of free of cost and does not incur any charges. Spicejet PNR Status provides the states of the changes in itinerary and all the required check with the spice jet.

Once you tap on a train in the list, the app displays the arrival time at each station in its route. WAIT LIST: Tickets with Wait List or Wait List status are not guaranteed any berth or sitting accommodation. Passenger when book his or her ticket, then details of passenger like name, age, address, mobile number, journey date, train by which journey will be done etc. If you are still facing any issues with PNR or Indian Railways, then Please check the below links for more details ! Simply use your mobile phone to get to know the PNR status through a simple message. Airline Passenger Name Record (PNR) is generated by the Indian airlines for each passenger booked trip.

In addition to PNR prediction, the Ixigo trains and hotels app already incorporates several innovative features such as budget hotel bookings, cab bookings, packages, station alarms, platform numbers and coach positions of trains. By going on the train that left Pune at midnight, it meant we could sleep first and then have the whole day on the train to see the changing countryside as we rattled along further and further south-East. When all available seats on a train are sold, the railway ( Indian Railway or IRCTC ) releases RACs for railway reservations.

Make sure you grab a train booking form from any of the closed windows on your way. For this, Indian Railways have provided Calling and SMS helpline, where you just need to send a SMS or need to call once, to get the PNR Status. Find out what it means to be a higher status male and work hard at learning how to display these traits. Passengers simply have to follow up certain set of rules and guidelines as per the Go Air PNR status enquiry. With these status codes only you need to confirm whether you can travel with your ticket or not.

Is not affiliated with India Railways or with IRCTC This site is created by iitian to provide better user experience to Train Travellers and also to help India Railways. Now all the enquiries like PNR Status, Train Status, Seat Availability, Train Schedule, Train Time Table, Train Fare, Train Live Status etc. If you don't know your PNR Number, then don't worry, you can find it on top-left corner of ticket, which you purchased. Ixigo PNR Status reads PNR messages for flights & trains from your messages inbox and helps you view, manage and track your trip status.

People no longer have time to train their children, actually they themselves needs training, working mothers have contributed a lot to delinquent children, then again some don't have a choice because the daddy ran off. The owners Frank & Matt have allowed a handful of beta” testers to use the software before it went live to check that it worked properly and to tweak the system and these beta” testers have all absolutely loved it and they have been able to make revenue with this! Especially, if you are young and travelling with your friends on a tight budget, you would like to live in rooms which are spacious and offer decent services.

The first simple and easy way is to check your PNR status is by using the 3-digit SMS code. SMS service offered by Google will turn out to be reasonable if you are frequently travelling by trains. A second easy way is to check PNR on your mobile by sending SMS using the 10 digit mobile number. With so many ways available, it has been made quite easy for the passengers to know their current PNR status from different sources.

There are numerous India's airlines, including Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Air India, SpiceJet, IndiGo, GoAir and Indian. While booking on Indigo Airlines website you get to pay with credit card or debit card or even net banking options. Checking the Ticket Status is easy but many times people got stuck because they do not understand the meaning of it. There is a generous bunch of people who take out the report of PNR number but fail to understand what does that page is trying to tell them. Looking to travel to India, then it is better to check PNR status of railway This will give you more info. This action will open a new window displaying your current reservation status of your ticket.

I've experienced that besides inputting the PNR number, you may asked to provide some extra information while checking your flight ticket status like, traveler's name (first or surname), journey date, location etc. To flash PNR status on mobile phone, enter your 10 digit PNR number (that's it) printed on the top of your railway ticket and send it to 97733-00000. To enjoy the service, simply make use of your cell phone to know the ongoing status of your ticket by sending a simple text message. If you are planning to visit a good distance, book train tickets through the use of IRCTC login.

There are several ways through which you can check PNR Status of your reserved ticket within a fraction of seconds. Irctc pnr status Once you reached the home page, you will see that there's a text box and that's where you need to enter the 10 digit PNR afterward click Get PNR status. You can browse to the official website of Indian Railways () to check your IRCTC PNR Status. This cool feature by Indian Railways is one of the easiest and simple ways to know your exact booking status.

Hence, IRCTC has offered quite comprehensive services to people of India to check their PNR reservation status. PNR number is generally printed at the top left corner of the printed tickets (tickets that are taken from railway station booking window). Get PNR Status by Call : Just Dial 139 from any of your mobile number and follow the instruction given on call carefully! After this, you will be able to access your PNR status by clicking on ‘Get Status'.

While the mileage transfer is important to many, one's status within the merged airline may be an amenity which could be lost in the merger, thus document when possible. Checking booked ticket status before Travelling in train is mandatory if you are willing to travel in a particular seat that you wanted. However as far as Indian Railways are concerned the PNR is always a ten digit number used to identify passengers and their reservation status i.e PNR Status. This site gives a medium to check PNR status (Passenger Reservation Enquiry) of Indian Railways train tickets.

Whether the ticket is booked online or through Railway COunter, a unique 10 digit number called PNR number is there in it. By taking this online booking option, you can take comfort of your home in order to book flight tickets within few minutes. There are several methods through one can check his/her PNR Status within few minutes, for example: you can check your PNR Status online or simply with a text message.

You select the train suitable for you and check the availability and book ticket right away. But there is difference in logic/algorithm to generate the PNR at the time of booking of a ticket. It is IVRS system and passengers need to follow instruction to get their ticket status. No need to call the Railway Enquiry at 139 and keep waiting for a reply, as now tracking your train ticket PNR status gets more easier and faster. All you have to do is visit the Indian railways website and enter your 10-digit PNR number and you would get to know the status of your travel. Dont forget to check for train 11071 running status , which runs regularly through the route.

As soon as its gets confirmed the flight tickets status of a concern PNR will change and will be confirmed. The list also displays the time and status of the trains, indicating whether they are on time, or running slow. Duranto Express: These are source to terminus train administration began as of late by Indian Railway. B) Passengers need to hit the Retrieve Booking” by entering the Spice Jet ticket PNR number in the box Spicejet PNR Status.

The online queries about PNR status can be obtained within the Computerized Reservation Applications that are available for Public from 08:00 hrs to 20:00 IST on weekdays and from 08:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs IST on Sundays (these timings change without having notification). Iw anted to know how much is the cost to ride the train per person and if this include the gasoline. For more information about PNR Status, Ticket Concession and other Railway Information > visit the online portal. Then you can browse through the phone to the Indian railway site and check your PNR status at the Check PNR option.

Taking into consideration the increasingly use of text messaging, the Indian railways decided to offer the facility of PNR enquiry through SMS. Earlier,it was not an easy task to go book a ticket, checking PNR status and train fare inquiry You had to go the ticket counter or inquiry window to complete the desired task. In fact, PNR is a travel record of an individual or a group of people in the database of Computer Reservation System (CRS). As a passenger, if your tickets are in waiting list, then Go Air PNR status and get to know the status easily before 48 hrs.

Railyatri provides different services to various train users and claims it can tell with 93 per cent accuracy, the number of times a wait-listed train ticket can be confirmed. Passenger Name Record or PNR is very important as it reveals the whole information regarding concerned train. To know your Railway PNR Status just dial 139 from your landline or mobile phone and carefully follow the instructions given by the IVR system in order to retrieve your ticket status.

The information in the PNR status system varies from airline and up to 60 best fields and subfields. The governments' lawyers said it was impossible for investigators to know beforehand which PNR data could prove useful. A 10 digit PNR is generated for every ticket booked under Indian Railways through the Computer Reservation System. With MakeMyTrip, you can also book railway and bus tickets and keep a track of PNR status of your bookings.

Indian Rail IRCTC & PNR Status is a single app that can fill all these needs, and apart from checking up the PNR and train status, it also shows you the most delayed trains at any given time, shows fog alerts, and the nearest train station. Basically, it tells us about our status at the time of ticket booking and the current status. It kicked off flight operations in the year 2009 with eight aircraft including 2 Boeing 737-800s and 6 ATRs.

To check your PNR status of ticket that is booked through Indian railway counters or PNR status of E-Ticket booked through IRCTC becomes very easy. Apart from using our website, you can also check the status of your Railway Reservation by using a few other methods. There you will see number of computerized machines that will help you in checking your ongoing reservation status in just a few seconds.

If there's a single seat available on the next flight out, it's a whole lot easier to take it if the airline doesn't have to track down your checked bag. For booking Tatkal e-tickets, each of the passengers (mandatory for at least one passenger) can enter his/her ID proof type and number against his/her name in reservation form, which is to be used for travel. Cancellation and modification of train ticket is not allowed under Tatkal mode of ticketing. Some privacy organizations are concerned at the amount of personal data that a PNR might contain.

When portions of the travel are not provided by the holder of the Master PNR, then copies of the PNR information are sent to the CRSes of the airlines that will be providing transportation. Go Air PNR status makes it easier for the passengers with complete information pertaining to their Go Air PNR status and they can also do Go Air PNR status enquiry. Within few seconds your current railway PNR Status will be displayed on your computer screen.

Just send your 10 digit PNR number as the message ( only the 10 digits, and no prefixes) to 9773300000. The website is very easy to access and will give you many options to choose from including trains between stations, PNR enquiry, availability of seats, daily schedules, and more. PNR allows every passenger to aquire the information relevant to his / her departure and returning or, connecting flights (if applicable), or even other special services needed. Passengers check their PNR status, arrival and departure of the trains, fare enquiry, train between stations, seat availability and internet reservations.

All you need to do is enter your PNR Status instantly on the portal, and the feature will provide you the status of your ticket and also the confirmation probability of the waitlisted ticket in terms of high, medium and low. The simplest way to check Train PNR status is to click here to go to the railway reservation enquiry located at or go to and provide the 10 digit PNR number of a rail ticket to get the latest status. Today you can reserve train ticket online, get Tatkal Ticket online and known PNR Status.

This facility of Vistara Airlines is accessible via Air Vistara online check-in along with the Air Vistara PNR checks. With the creation of the web and now with versatile provisions, there is a noticeable increase in individuals utilizing these systems to think about the Ticket Status. It alerts you on changes in booking status (e.g. going from Wait-listed to Confirmed), train status (Train delays and cancellations), flight status (flight delays) and even reminds you when the flight web check-in opens.

Railway authorities decides the number of WL tickets to be permitted to book, once it crossed the decided mark; they don't acknowledge any further requests and responds with REGRET status. The current Spicejet PNR Status can get changed at any time before its final charting is done. If there is no possibility of even waiting ticket booking, REGRET status will be shown during booking. You can check reservation status of your ticket through portable by sending SMS to any of these numbers.

We bring you some quick facts which would clear all your doubts about what PNR is and the usual pain points which often confuses a lot of travellers. We are not affiliated with IRCTC or Indian Railways but we are surely here to make their work easy and give better experience to traveller for their Journey via Train or Plane. There you will find number of machines that will let you know your PNR Status in matter of minutes.

Your booking status must either be confirmed or placed in the RAC list (Reservation against cancellation).Generally, Indian Railways Train Reservation charts are prepared about 4 hours before the commencement of journey at the origin station. By saving valuable time, you can just visit at the irctc login page to have irctc registration in order to book train tickets within a few minutes with comfort of your home via internet. RailYatri is designed to help make sure you do not miss out on any information important for your train travel.

The ixigo trains and hotels app gives more accurate PNR prediction than all existing PNR prediction services since Ixigo has mined data from over 10 million PNRs over the last two years. Here, the first status (WL50) is of booking time and the second one (WL45) is the current status of your ticket. With that Passenger Name Record number (PNR), you will be able to get all the details like Train Coach Number, Ticket Booking Status, Passengers List and much more.

Ticket with a GNWL is issued when the Source station of the passenger is the Source station of the train or one of the stations near to it. This quota has the highest number of seats in any given train and has the highest probablity of getting confirmed at the time of final charting. There you will be provided with the latest and accurate information regarding your PNR Status.

There are generous bunch of people who take out the report with the help of assigned PNR No. but fail to understand what does it's trying to tell them. No, we are fortunate enough to have friends who live in Pune , in the state of Maharashtra, so we stay where the local people are , the real India l always call it. A white face is a novelty and we absolutely love it there. When all the available seats on a train are sold, the system releases RACs (Reservation Against Cancellation). Enter the 10-digit PNR (Passenger Name Record) number and click on the Get PNR Status button. You find the train and class/seat/berth that you want along with the date and time.

If in case you are looking out to check the flight details of your travel or want to find out the status of your booking. It Provides arrival and departure time, date of journey, current status (whether confirmed or in waiting list), seat number and bogie, gender and so on. We have government programs so children won't have to live in poverty but it has encouraged women to stay single.

Through Spicejet PNR Status passengers can refer spice jet counters in all major airports that help the customer to enquire on their PNR status and also check it on the arrivals and departures. The customer service facility is also available over there as one can easily make a call to customer service for checking the PNR status. Indian Railways allows you to check the PNR status of your reservation in few other ways. You can enable PNR Status mobile checking, by SMSing or Calling the Railway hotline.

All that the passenger has to do is to enter the PNR number that they get while booking their flight on Air Vistara post which they can view the booking details and also update the options required and meal preferences opted. Assuming that you are going in Indian Railways, it is likely that you will do a PNR status check before you board the train.

The individuals who have busy a ticket with a record in the IRCTC entry (), they can check the PNR and its current items in the booking segment. To do this, visit your localized railway station there you'll find number of digital machines placed around the booking counter that let you know your Railway PNR Status within second. All these information is available in just few clicks with With the help of this you can definitely track the details of your train and plan your journey accordingly.

In that case, prior to the traveling you need to know whether your ticket is confirmed or not using the assigned pnr no. You can do it through sms or phone call or online. The travelers can check the official website of indigo airlines for PNR status details, and go to PNR enquiry page by filling the simplest details like the first and the last name and PNR number in the status within seconds after submitting the information the flight status is displayed.

Note: Even after Chart Preparations (soon before train departure) if seats are available, RAC/WL candidates can be assigned seats. Delta encourages customers to consider departing earlier, postponing or re-routing their travel to avoid possible inconvenience from expected flight delays and cancellations. CAN/MOD: If these massage appear on your screen while PNR enquiry then it means your ticket has been cancelled. Passengers have to enter their last name and get the confirmation details of the booking status displayed after logging in to the website which contain the PNR Status. To check PNR Status, on an IRCTC e-ticket, the status can be received as an SMS.

You can check it on using this tool, given in the beginning of this page, If you get details like berth, train number, then pnr is valid and if ti gives black or or no details, then your pnr is not correct or is flushed or yet not generated. All you need to do is to enter your PNR Number in the box given on the top of the webpage and Hit the Get PNR Status” button. Passengers have to enter their last name and confirmation number in Go Air PNR status.

It's going to prove beneficial in case you lost your ticket, only if you know your pnr no. So, whenever purchase a ticket write it down anywhere you want and keep it safe. Apart from booking tickets, users can view Seat Availability, check PNR Status and Railway train schedule, train enquiry & can also calculate fare for any specific train or class. The final chapter of the merger will come later this year when the two airlines officially merge their reservations system and the codes for booking a US Airways ticket will no longer be valid.

Following are handful of ways to look at the PNR status via mobile phone numbers and sms. The methodology of knowing the status of the ticket has gotten basic yet at the same time few individuals battle a considerable measure to know the portions of it. A few truncations explained underneath will help you to comprehend the status of your ticket. But today online reservation and PNR enquiry check has been started to make things more comfortable for the passengers.

With Spicejet PNR Status the passengers can check the current or present Spicejet PNR Status of which it is recently booked on Spice Jet with help of the flight ticket. Shortest Station Name Ib (Orissa) Longest Station Name Sri Venkatanarasimharajuvariapeta (Tamil Nadu). The flights of Vistara Airlines can be tracked from point to point across India with the help of Air Vistara PNR number. This allows exchanging updates of the PNR when the status of trip changes in any of the CRSes.

PNR is expanded as Passenger Name Record which is a computer generated unique 10 digit number. RailYatri says the Indian Rail IRCTC & PNR Status app tries to look at the historical booking data for your train to tell you how likely your ticket is to get confirmed, though there's obviously a margin of error, and you shouldn't depend on this entirely. One can get to know about the current status of their railway reservation simply with the help of PNR number given to him or her.

Usually there are not many but quite few ways by means of which passengers can check pnr status of his/her ticket within span of time. The journeyers who want to check their reservation status may visit the following link - and enter their PNR number over here. It has got everything which a train traveler in India really needs with just few clicks avoiding any hassle. Simply provide your 10 digits PNR (Passenger Name Record) number in box below and click on PNR Enquiry button.

Towards the right side you can find the Search History and PNR History (highlighted in yellow color). By means of Call or telephone: The client administrations of Indian Railways have enhanced extensively through the years, and today a PNR status check could be carried out effortlessly by calling 139. Booking status of such waitlist (W/L) ticket changes when there is any availability of reserved seats due to cancellation. It simply means that there is no entry about it in the passenger name record maintained by railway servers.

Get ease train enquiry, rails information, train timetable, train schedule, PNR status and Indian rail routes guide. It is shown when a user mistakenly enters incorrect number while checking status online. There is no need to go online or visit any Railway Station reservation counter for enquiry regarding the timing of arrival and departure of any train. You can check this online easily by visiting PNR Status or the Indian Railways website.

The best app in India for tracking flight status, flight delays, web check-in reminders and automatic trip & itinerary management. But these will be longer process thus to simplify they can make it more authenticated on the websites with Spicejet PNR Status. Once you submitted your PNR number, you will get your PNR status and then check whether your ticket is confirmed or not. Live train status: Know about your train and its running status with the live train running feature of RailYatri.

The difference between Slow passenger train and Fast passenger train is slow passenger train stops at every station but fast passenger train stops at only important stations. To do so, go to your nearby railway station there you find number of machines placed around the reservation counter let you know your Ticket Status in a matter of time. The spice jet is known for winning many awards both in central and south East Asia.

Passengers can check the current PNR status through Air Go flight ticket and there by following few instructions passengers can check them. Once the booking has been completed to this level, the CRS will issue a unique alpha-numeric record locator, which will remain the same regardless of any further changes made (except if a multi-person PNR is split). The best way is to create a PNR alert on It will monitor your PNR status continously and will send you the PNR status by SMS and Email.

Once the booking has been completed, the CRS system will issue a unique alpha-numeric record locator(pnr status in railways), which will remain the same regardless of any further changes made (An exception is made if a multiple person PNR is split, with passengers cancelling or changing to a different itinerary). PNR Number is an unique ten-digit number assigned by Indian Railways CRIS system when a booking is made. Since people (especially women) look to others for social proof, you'll increase your chances of success if she thinks you're a guy with high status. There will be no space between PNR and PNR Status No. For example it'll appear to be this; PNR8524594587” and send it to 139.

In case someone with confirmed status cancels his ticket or a seat becomes vacant during the train run, the running staff of railway can allot a full seat to the passenger. The cool part is that you don't even need to enter your PNR number - you can press a button to have the app scan for IRCTC's SMS, and automatically save it. After that, you'll be able to see the latest schedule of the train, the PNR status, and seat availability with forecast for tickets that haven't been confirmed.

PNR number is generally printed at the top left corner of the printed tickets (tickets that are taken from railway station booking window). Checking reservation status has become so simple mainly because of the introduction of numerous online portals but still some people get stuck as they don't understand the many abbreviated term present in the ticket. To check the status of your PNR, you will first have to visit the website and click on ‘Enquiry'.

Some abbreviations mentioned below will let you understand the reservation status of your respective railway ticket. Additionally there is substitute for send sms to 139 if your data network not working on your own Smartphone. The informers at the flight PNR status desk will help you in checking the PNR status of the indigo airlines. Passengers from several zones whether it's Southern, Northern, And Central or any other Railway zone can get to know the current status of their reservations using this instinctive interface. I could not book flight tickets from my phones as the app said that ‘mobile flight booking is not yet available in my location'.

The passengers avail gets various offers and schemes by referring through Go Air PNR website which she or he can avail while booking their flights. As Indian railways has passed its new regulations, now you just need to have your PNR Number with you and don't need any printed physical ticket at all. But the one IRCTC suggests to get PNR status is Indian Railway enquiry website - While it is good, the most annoying part of it is the need to enter the Captcha text.

If ticket booked without confirmed status, it will show waiting status (WL) or Reservation against cancellation status (RAC). The PNR stands for Passenger Name Record which caters to complete information about journey record of a passenger itinerary. After cancellation if you check you PNR status you will see these abbreviations and it indicates your ticket is cancelled and you cannot travel with that ticket now. Thanks for sharing i agree with you 1000000% couldn't have said it better the society we all live in has made it too easy for mankind to commit sin and go free.

So, it doesn't matter, you travel in any of these train of the one's which are nto mentioned here, you just need to have the (Passenger Name Record Number (PNR), to check IRCTC PNR Status. A PNR is cancelled when the counter released ticket is cancelled over the counter or an e-ticket is cancelled via the IRCTC official portal. PNR means (Passenger Name Record) and most travelers on Indian Railways confuse the status of their PNR and often don't understand the status of their tickets. Many airlines have their CRS hosted by one of the GDSes, which allows sharing of the PNR.

You don't have to reconcile or rekindle the flame you simply sign your name and separate. CF (Confirmed) - In the case the status returned in confirmed, person having such a ticket is allowed to board the train. All you need to do is enter your 10 digit PNR Number in the box above and click on Get PNR Status” button. After resolution, their PNR data are erased from the PC of the Customs PAU officer concerned and are not entered into Australian databases.

Great App, Vividly informative Amazing app with many features apart from the pnr inquiry. Past were the days, when passengers were standing in a queue at railway station counter for a long time or dial telephone to check their Railways PNR status. Users subscribing to this service won't have to use above mentioned methods to check the pnr status. There are many areas in and around the city that can choose to live the Australian life. These CRSes will open copies of the original PNR in their own database to manage the portion of the itinerary for which they are responsible.

Other changes in itinerary can also be made by just logging into the website to Spicejet airlines and spicejet PNR status is also made available on the same site for the purpose of verification of required details. Any tickets that are booked via Go Air, has to be associated with a PNR number which stores the passengers information which are of particular ticket. This PNR is called the Master PNR for the passenger and the associated itinerary. Once you booked train tickets, you can also check the irctc pnr status simply by sending SMS to either 5888 or 57886 or 5676747 based on the settings of mobile service providers.

On the other hand, this is a standout amongst the most dependable methods for checking the PNR and could be utilized constantly throughout the day. PNR is a unique ten digit number printed on the top left hand corner of your ticket, in case you want to travel by reserved accomodation, which has to be quoted in order to know the status of your ticket. Whenever you pre-book a train ticket for just a train journey whether it be an e-ticket, i-ticket or even standard booking, you will end up offered a Ten-digit number.

This PNR status number is stored in a database reservation and departure airline control of main system. You Can Check Your Check Your PNR Status Enquiry Or Passenger Current Status At Website of SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY. We live in a crazy world where men are dumping their wives, abandoning their children and ordering new wives by mail. They need to send SMS on numbers provided by IRCTC to check their Train PNR Status.

Travelers or the passengers can also dial up to the numbers that are 24 hour helpline for which they are carrying out through Go Air PNR status enquiry. Examining Ticket Status has become so easy mainly due to the frequent launch of countless online portals and mobile apps but still some individuals get stuck as do not understand the many abridged term present in the train ticket.

When compared to that relating to earlier time period now online option helps one to help it become handy to get precise pnr status. However, the site provides you the easiest method of checking the PNR status and timings of yatra flights without any hassle. Every train consists of a number of Remote Location Quotas, each with a fixed number of seats reserved. PNR (Passenger Name Record) caters the complete information about passenger and his or her itinerary records. It's very simple with PNR number, the number that comes with the ticket reservation that will assist you to find the status of the flight. Passenger can check his confirmation status by PNR number before the journey date.

Be it the last-minute confirmation of the PNR status to a heavy-hearted goodbye, apps are making life easy for travellers on the Indian Railways network and it's not just the private players but also e-commerce behemoth IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) that is reworking its strategy to become more user-friendly. Upon doing your the current reservation status of your ticket will be told to you.

The Air Vistara PNR also provides information on whether the seats are confirmed or on hold with the waiting list details. To check the current status of your train ticket on the IRCTC booking system waiting list, just use your reserved ticket and type your 10-digit PNR Number exactly. PNR status is widely used term in the travel industry, including railway and airline industry.

Janet is thankful for this and as of now she is busy going through a lot about the Indian Railways, as apart from writing A Guide to Indian Railway Reservation, Janet has also written Use Indian Railway PNR to Help You Travel Comfortably in Trains. While this is simplified the process of knowing the status of a train ticket, there are many people who are still not aware of the small details that say about the ticket Status. There is online booking also where you are able to book flight tickets within a few minutes.

The airline also provides a wide range of exciting promo codes and discount coupons which passengers can use at the time of booking air ticket with Jet Konnect online. Clicking on this will give the listings of all trains running between the station, train departure time, train arrival time, travel duration, availability on different days of the week, pantry availability and other information. When a passenger books an itinerary, the travel agent or travel website user will create a PNR in the Computer Reservation System it uses. PNR status checking services are also offered on the Website of Indigo airline.

No matter how the passengers have booked their Spice Jet flight ticket through online or offline, one can check their current status of the Spicejet PNR Status with the PNR number on the ticket. PNR means Traveler Name Record, is a record within the databases of Railway Computer Booking System (CRS) which has the particular schedule to get a traveler, or perhaps a number of travelers touring together. Just enter your 10 digit PNR number in the search space on the top of the page and click Check Button.

When you purchase the ticket from Indian railways ticket counters, on the ticket top left corner you will find the PNR number. Due to considerably rise in the use of SMS, the Indian railways decided to provide the convenience of PNR enquiry via text messaging. Go Air PNR status offers only domestic airlines which are all over India, but there are no international flights you can check with the current PNR status, in case of if your ticket was in the waiting status at the time of booking. You can travel with the SMS received from IRCTC or show a soft copy of the ticket PDF in your phone or laptop.

Be in PNR Status, Train between stations or any other information, getting information about anything is possible. If you require assistance during your flight with us, we encourage you to let us know how we may best assist you at the time of your booking or during check-in. Not performing well after upgrade Since upgrade the read sms feature is not working. Remote Location Waiting List, you will get this status when all the tickets reserved for Remote Location are filled.